Union Park

Feel it stillYoung BloodGood to be Alive

Current Assignment:

Everyone: Practice along with the old songs once a day.

Till, Ruby, Charlie: Learn good to be alive from the videos and structure below.  Play along with it.

Ronea: Memorize the lyrics of Good to be alive, sing along with it.  Work on the Young Blood chorus from the video below.

Wyatt: Learn the Take me to Church beats from the video below. Clean up the living room.

Structure: Verse 8x extra note, Chorus 4x skip last note, Verse 10x extra note, Chorus 4x, Bridge 2x, Verse 4x extra note,  Chorus 4x, Sing

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Union Park Arrangement feel it still


Union Park Arrangement Good to be Alive


Good to be Alive Guitar Only

Charlie Good to be Alive Video

Ruby Good to be Alive Video

Till Good to be Alive Video

Wyatt Take me to Church Video

Ronea Young Blood Video

Till Young Blood Intro Video