The BonesYellowChasing CarsManiacCatch and Release

Current Assignment:

Everyone: Play along with the old songs once a day.

Anika: 5/26 Sounds really good Anika!  You were asking about the prechorus at the end.  It’s that guitar part that was playing right when you stopped the video.  I’d consider it optional but you should at least know it’s there.  All the parts sound good, the one change I’d like you to make is to use your pinky on that 7th fret E string note.  That’s going to smooth a few things out once you get used to it, especially that trickier verse.  that’s it!  Pass it!

Haley: 5/1 everything sounds mint but that prechorus!  I made you a practice audio file, you’ll see it below.  That should sort you out.

Sydney: 5/18 YOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Pass.  Keep practicing the old songs.  We’ll figure you out a bonus song on zoom later.  Nice work, new record among all the bands.

Josie: 5/25 Nice work!  Everything is right now and all the chords are in the right octane.  Two things to fix:  The chorus is out of time.  It’s a mix of being too slow and too fast.  You end pretty much at the right time but he chords aren’t lining up the the band.  I wonder if you can hear the music well enough to stay in time with it?  Next time try louder music and quieter piano.  The ending prechorus you are 1 beat behind.  Both of those issues will be easy to hear if you watch your own video, and if you can hear them you can fix them.  That’s it!  Your’e close!

Maniac Structure: Verse 2x, Prechorus, Chorus 4x, Verse 2x, Prechorus, Chorus 4x, Bridge 2x, Chorus 4x Only rhea first time

Catch and Release Structure: Verse 3x, Prechorus 2x, Chorus 2x, Verse 6x, prechorus 2x, chorus 2x, verse 2x, prechorus 1x

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

20:20 Arrangement The Bones

20:20 Arrangement Yellow

20:20 Arrangement Chasing Cars

20:20 Arrangement Maniac

20:20 Arrangement Catch nd Release


20:20 Arrangement Catch nd Release Guitar Only

Catch and Release Guitar Verse

Catch and Release Guitar Prechorus

Catch and Release Guitar Chorus

Catch and Release Bass Verse

Catch and Release Bass Prechorus

Catch and Release Bass Chorus

Catch and Release Keys Verse

Catch and Release Keys Prechorus

Catch and Release Keys Chorus

Catch and Release Drums Verse

Catch and Release Drums Prechorus

Catch and Release Drums Chorus


Haley Maniac Prechorus

Maniac Guitar Only for Haley

Sydney Maniac

Rhea Maniac

Anika Maniac

Josie Maniac