The Covalent

Beautiful PeopleYou Need to Calm DownThe WolfBeliever
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Current Assignment/notes:

Everyone: Play along with the old songs once a day.

Believer Structure:  Intro, Chorus, Verse 2x (Bass and drums only), Chorus, Verse, Prechrous, Chorus 2x, Verse 2x, Prechorus, Chorus 2x, Bridge 1 2x, Bridge 2, Chorus (guitar only and clapping), Chorus 4x.

Mary Scott: 5/26 Awesome!  So you actually sounded out a D MINOR scale.  You did all natural notes (white keys) except for B flat (you lowered B to the black key below it).  If you play from D to D with a Bb (flat) you’ll hear it sounds kind of sad.  This is a minor scale!  If instead you play from D to D but make the F a sharp and the C a sharp you’ll end up with a D major scale.  Try both and see if you can hear the happy/sad difference.  Do another round of harmonies on the D major scale once you feel comfortable.  Nice work harmonizing a minor scale!

Bella: 5/28 Still sounds good Bella!  In your next video give me that last part.  Let’s get this done!

Colby: 5/22 Chorus sounds great!  You have a couple of pauses between chords, that’s the only issue.  Loop it for a few minutes a day and those will go away without any extra work.  I like that keyboard tone.  Do you have a sustain pedal on that keyboard?  If so hold it for each chord and release it as you play the next chord.  It’ll make things sound way fuller.  Solid work.

5/18 HAHAHAHA YES!  That beat is perfect Colby!  That’s a tough beat to wrap your head around. I hope you’re pumped!  You’re ready to get onto that next section for sure.  I was listening to your kick drum.  Sounds like there’s room to tune it a little lower.  You should try to loosen all the outer lugs by a half turn and see what happens.  A good trick is to lay the drum on the floor with the outside head face up.  push your fist into the center of the head a little bit, maybe a half inch, and hold it there.  Loosen each lug until you see wrinkles in the hear reflections of lights are great ways to see these) then retighten them until they BARELY go away.  Do that for every lug then double check for wrinkles.  This is usually as low as the head will go and it should sound a little deeper and more fun.

Andrew: 5/22 nice work!  Whole song.  Rad.  The verse, chorus and prechorus all sound great.  I’m curious about your fingering in the verse.  Your video has some glitch so I can’t quite tell what fingers you’re using but that part where you play 4,6,3,6 in a row really fast across two strings should be fingered 2, 4, 1, 4 where thumb doesn’t count and index finger = 1, middle =2, ring =3 and pinky = 4.  If you’re not doing that it’ll make it way easier to play that part.  Your bridge still needs work.  I’d play along with my video at 1:30 as many times as you can stand until the rhythm falls into place.  Once it does do the fast version right after it.  Soldi work!

Chloe: 4/15 Nice one Chloe!  Pass!  That was right on!  Nice work.  I can tell you’re really feeling how that one fits together now.  While we wait for the others to pass I want to see if we can get your musical pulse going a little more.  I think I’m seeing you tap your foot a little with that last one.  I think if we can get your body moving with the pulse and make the music follow that instead of the other way around you’re going to sound even better.   Give some thought to what you’re moving to the music now and try to accentuate it and try some other things.  In your next video try to move as much as you can with the quarter note pulse and make the music follow it.  You can move the camera back for this one, I don’t need to see your hands now that you know it.  focus on the moving not the notes, even if you miss a few.  Foot tap, head bounce, heel stomp, try it all.  Check out this video, they keyboard player is moving quite a lot.

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

The Covalent Arrangement Beautiful People

The Covalent Arrangement You Need to Calm Down

The Covalent Arrangement The Wolf

Band of Horses Funeral Verse, Heavy Verse, Chorus, Verse, Heavy Verse, Chorus, Ending

The Covalent Arrangement Believer


Mary Scott Vocal Harmony Exercise

Believer Guitar Only for Vocals

Believer Guitar Intro and Chorus 

Believer Guitar Verse

Believer Guitar Bridge

Believer Guitar Bridge 2

Believer Bass Chorus

Believer Bass Verse

Believer Bass Prechorus

Believer Bass Bridge

Believer Keys Chorus and Intro

Believer Keys Verse

Believer Keys Prechorus

Believer Keys Bridge

Believer Drums Intro and chorus

Believer Drums Verse

Believer Drums Prechorus and Bridge

Chloe The Wolf

Andrew and Bella The Wolf

Colby the Wolf

Mary Scott The Wolf

Band of Horses Funeral Guitar

Band of Horses Funeral Bass

Band of Horses Funeral Key

Band of Horses Funeral Drums

Band of Horses Funeral Vocals