Fall Schedule 2022

3:30 The Refractionists2:30 Radio Fire3:30 Annabelle/Alexandra/Isabella/Caroline/Eleanor Band2:00 Livewire8:00 Catherine
4:30 The Osmos3:30 The Daylights3:30 Union Park4:30 TWZ 8:30 Rowan
5:30 Demons in Disguise4:30 Ballpit4:30 Death Destroyer5:30 The Red Velvets3:30 Rose/Oliver/Aven Band9:00 Mister Destroyer
6:30 Jebron Lames5:30 Knives5:30 Unicorn Fury6:30 The Covalent4:30 Breaker Breaker10:00 Decades
6:30 The Favorites7:30 The Irrelevants5:30 The Bloodhunters11:00 Empire Scorn
7:30 Imperfect Strangers