Rowan/Chloe/Bridget/Neve Band

Summertime SadnessDon't Start Now
Bridget PassPass

Current Assignment:

Everyone: Play along with the old song once a day

Chloe: 5/10 Sounds awesome Chloe!  I knew you were closer to passing than you were letting on in the zoom sessions!  The ending, especially the 3rd and 4th times you played it sound mint.  That’s the hardest part.  If you remember the bridge and make the ending sound that good from the first time through I’m passing you on this.  Nice!

Bridget: 5/25 Yo Bridget!  The version singing along with the original recording is so good!  You sound really strong on all of it.  It may just be the song but if you’re working on anything different right now take a minute to realize what it is because you want to do it all the time!   The version with just guitar is going really well too!  Watch this video (the one you sent me with only guitar) at 1:50.  You’re a beat or so late on the line “Oh cause I keep digging myself…”  At 2:13 you’re slightly early on “I know when you go”. That sets you up to be early for the rest of the song.  Overall you’re pitch is really good! Be careful on the louder parts, you tend to sing higher (wrong) notes when you get loud.  That’s another thing you could listen for in your own video.  As soon you you can hear these kinds of things your brain starts working on fixing them.  Nice!

Rowan: 5/11 Nice Rowan!  All those parts are perfect now.  I believe you that you know there’s 5 verses and that was hilarious. Thank you.  All you need to do is KNOW where the solo and ending are and it’s done.  Pass it right now!

Neve: 5/10 The whole song is right now!  You just need to relax and smooth things out.  Practice it twice today and make another video and I’m positive you won’t need to both with one on Monday.  Nice!

Don’t start now Structure: 3/4 Chorus riff. Verse 3x, Chorus2x , Verse 2x, Verse 3x, Chorus 2x, Verse 2x, Verse 2x (this is Rowan Solo), Bridge, Ending 4x

Graveyard Structure: Verse 7x, Prechorus, Chorus 4x, Verse 6x, Prechorus, Chorus 4x, Verse 1x guitar only, 4 beat break, Chorus 4x

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Rowan- Chloe-Bridget-Neve Arrangement Summertime Sadness

Rowan- Chloe-Bridget-Neve Arrangement Don’t Start Now

Rowan- Chloe-Bridget-Neve Arrangement Graveyard


Graveyard Guitar Only

Graveyard Bass Verse

Graveyard Bass Prechorus

Graveyard Bass Chorus

Graveyard Guitar Verse

Graveyard Guitar Prechorus

Graveyard Guitar Chorus

Graveyard Keys Verse

Graveyard Keys Prechorus

Graveyard Keys Chorus


Don’t Start Now Guitar Only

Chloe Don’t Start now Ending

Neve Don’t start now ending

Rowan Don’t Start Now Solo and Ending

Bridget Summertime Sadness Transition Practice