Rowan/Chloe/Bridget/Neve Band

Summertime SadnessDon't Start Now
Bridget PassNo

Current Assignment:

Everyone: Play along with the old song

Rowan, Neve, Chloe: Learn the ending of don’t start now from the videos below and play along with the whole song.

Bridget: Memorize Don’t start now and sing along with it, Work on the Summertime Sadness transition in the video below.

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Rowan- Chloe-Bridget-Neve Arrangement Summertime Sadness

Rowan- Chloe-Bridget-Neve Arrangement Don’t Start Now┬áStructure: 3/4 Chorus riff. Verse 3x, Chorus, Verse 3x, Chorus, 2x Verse Rowan Solo, Bridge, Ending 4x


Don’t Start Now Guitar Only

Chloe Don’t Start now Ending

Neve Don’t start now ending

Rowan Don’t Start Now Solo and Ending

Bridget Summertime Sadness Transition Practice