Unicorn Fury

Party in the USASet it all freeDarkside

Current Assignment:

Play along with the two old songs once a day.

Everyone: 4/9 I just posted a version of Darkside with me playing guitar and calling out the changes.  This should help everyone get a handle on the structure if they play along.

Josie: 5/9 Got your video!  I like the way you play along with the vocal parts.  Let’s move your snare drum to between your legs.  That’ll also let you get the hi hat closer.  For your next video I want to hear you play the first beat in the Josie video that’s below.  It’s not hard for someone as good as you and it’ll make this song sound awesome.  Nice!

Maeve: 5/9 Pass!  Nice work Maeve!  For now keep practicing all three songs so you don’t forget them.  You rock!

Mabel: 5/26 Mabel this sounds AWESOME!  I made that chorus super hard to challenge you but you crushed it!  All your rhythm is really good too, I can tell you’re listening.  The structure is great too.  You have only one mistake to fix and then you pass!  In the verse you’re playing the wrong notes in your left hand.  It should be E, D and C but you’re playing B, A and G.  Make me a video with that tiny mistake fixed by Saturday and we can tell everyone you passed!  Nice work!

Cadence: 5/8 YO CADENCE THAT SOUNDS AWESOME (shouted).  Pass!  You’re the first!  Congratulations!  All you have to do now is practice all three songs so you don’t forget them.  I’d do two a day, that’s enough, and make sure you mix it up.  Nice work Cadence!

4/16  Hi Cadence!  I’m going to give you the first riff from party in the USA and set it all free.  I bet if you read this, then play along with the song it’ll all come back.  You’re super good at them, you’re just a little rusty.  Party in the USA 2 2 6 6 11 11 11 11.  Set it all free: Play each one twice quickly 2 2 2 2 6 6 6 6 11 11 9 9 7 7 7 7   Good luck!

Darkside Structure:  Verse 6x, Prechorus 4x, Chorus 4x, Verse 6x,  Prechorus 4x, chorus 4x, Verse 4x, Everybody sings the Chorus.  Done.

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Unicorn Fury Arrangement Party in the USA

Unicorn Fury Arrangement Set it all Free

Unicorn Fury Arrangement Darkside


Darkside with Mike on guitar and structure clues

Maeve Darkside Video

Josie Darkside Video

Mabel Darkside Video

Cadence Darkside Video