Unicorn Fury

Party in the USASet it all freeDarkside

Current Assignment:

Play along with the two old songs once a day.  The tracks are below.

Check out the videos for Darkside.  All the parts are there.  Play along with the parts in the video and when you’re ready play the whole song with the track below.

Evy clean your room.

Darkside Structure:

Verse 6x, Prechorus 4x, Chorus 4x, Verse 6x,  Prechorus 4x, chorus 4x, Verse 4x, Everybody sings the Chorus.  Done.

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Unicorn Fury Arrangement Party in the USA

Unicorn Fury Arrangement Set it all Free

Unicorn Fury Arrangement Darkside


Maeve Darkside Video

Josie Darkside Video

Mabel Darkside Video

Cadence Darkside Video