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Current Assignment:

Everyone:  Play along with the old songs once a day.  Focus on you’re going to hate this, it’s still a little loose.  It’s way loose.  Loose.

New Videos for DVP PUP are below.  Don’t feel like you have to learn the whole song at once, but it’s there.

DVP Structure: Intro, Verse, chorus, , verse 2 progressions, Verse w/ hits, Chorus, Intro 2, Bridge, Double Chorus

Bruno: 5/19 Got your video.  That picking pattern sounds great.  You should try it with a metronome app.  You’re playing it at 180 (or 90 if you get annoyed by the clicks).  The real song is 300 (or 150).  A great way to speed up something that you already understand is to loop it for say 5 minutes a day.  For the first 2.5 minutes play it at the tempo that you can do it perfectly, 180 for you now.  This reinforces playing it the right way.  For the second 2.5 minutes up the tempo to where you just start to lose it.  Maybe 200 for you now.  this pushes the speed.  Do this every day for a while and you’ll find that yesterday’s fast speed often becomes todays slow speed.  Then you just have to keep it up and wait.  You should also try to make your pick slightly more parallel to the string.  Otherwise you start to get a slicing sound and not as fat of a tone.

Rayna: 5/4 I think your scream singing is great!  So there’s an assessment.  It’s getting better too, way less Louis Armstrong than before.  To be honest, the fact that you’re able to do it with such confidence is impressive on it’s own.  Do not stop.  You’re going to really enjoy doing it with an actual cranking band.  If you can do it with a quiet recording get ready.  You can really sing any way you want if you exude enough confidence.  No one goes to shows to see a perfect vocal performance, they go to get excited.  The song itself seems very close.  I’d ditch any trace of his accent, make it yours.  I’d also like to see it memorized.  IF you could do his falsetto scream right before the last chorus I’d be super pumped.

Teddy: 5/18 Pass!   Nice work Teddy!  Those power chords still sound weird but your technique looks great now.  I think you may need to tune your low E string.  I’d keep playing two old songs along with the recordings once a day, rotate through them to keep them fresh.  Solid!

Rye: 5/4 Sick!  I’m glad you separated the intro from the verse beat.  The verse beat is right on, and it’s not that slow!  You’re at 112 and the original song is at 154.  Try playing that every day for 5 minutes.  For the first 2.5 minutes loop it at a comfortable speed.  For the second 2.5 minutes play it 10bpm faster.  Use a click for both.  You’ll find that your fast speed will become your new slow speed in a day or so.  Then, Dial DVP up on YouTube and set the speed to half speed and try to play along.  It’ll still be hard but in a different way and you’ll be able to learn the structure.  Make your next video of you playing along with that and a few measures of the verse beat at whatever your current comfortable speed is.  Solid!

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Super Thunder Punch Arrangemnt Hurt

Super Thunder Punch Arrangement All the Small Things

Super Thunder Punch Arrangement Buddy Holly

Super Thunder Punch Arrangement You are Going to Hate This

Super Thunder Punch Arrangement DVP


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