Take on MeSuperheroesDaylight???????

Current Assignment:

Everybody: Play along with the old songs once a day

Zombie Structure:  Intro, Chorus 2x, Verse 5x, Chorus 3x, Verse 5x, Chorus 4x, Bridge 4x, Chorus (Solo) 3x, Bridge 3x Done.

George: 5/18 Nice George!  The hard part is done, learning the chords is the hardest part.  The stemming pattern for the intro is a little tough, let’s skip that for now and use those chords for the verse.  In that part you just hit each chord once and hold it for 4 beats.  It’s a perfect way to get used to those complex chords.  Also take a look at the chorus.  In your next video send me you playing the verse, and whatever attempt you can make on the chorus.  It does NOT have to be perfect.  Also check your tuning one more time, I think your A string is tuned to an A#.  Nice work G!

Sofia: 5/14 First Video!  Nice!  The song sounds great.  I’d like to hear everything be a little louder and more intense but the main thing I’d like you to nail is those intentional voice cracks she does.  Check out this video.  He has lots of tattoos and a Kiss poster.  I think it’ll be useful.

Sasha: 5/26. This is sounding great Sasha!  The main thing to fix before passing is the verses.  You tend to switch each chord before you should.  I think you may be following the vocals.  She starts each line before the chord changes so if you follow her you’ll be early.  Listen to your own video, the second verse, especially the first half is right on, it doesn’t have that issue at all.  If you can get both verses to sound like that the song is done.  You may want to try turnign the keyboard way down and the music way up.  That might just do it.  If you can only hear the vocals you’re going to follow them.  The rest sounds great!

Olivia: 5/26 Yo Olivia!  This is sounding great except for just one thing, the timing in the verses.  You’re still changing chords a beat or two ahead of the band.  Can you send me a video of you clapping with every chord change in one of the verses of the song?  Listen to it carefully a few times first and really try to hear where the band changes chords.  You can listen to the bass too.  Once we have those claps sorted out we’ll try it with guitar again and I bet it works.

Carlo: 5/15 The beats sounds great!  The extra snare is now in the right place in the pattern and the extra tom sounds dope.  Your floor tom sounds very mean, I love how it’s tuned.  Watching your video got me thinking you should move your throne about 6 inches towards the kit and make sure your kick drum foot is more on the pedal.  you’ll have more leverage.  To pass I need you to make it to the end.  I’m wondering if you’re playing along with the version on the band page?  It should be about 5 minutes long.  I also need you to make your transitions happen.  You have to know where to change, it’s not enough to hear the band change and then follow them a beat later.  Solid job!

Esme: 5/19 Bastille is sounding great!  I really like your accents on the chorus.  I noticed you didn’t get tripped up by my mistake in the video about the 3rd chorus.  Well done.  There’s a few mistakes here and there just because it’s new.  They’re of no concern, they’ll disappear with a little more practice.  Here’s a couple of goals.  I’d like there to be NO gaps between the notes in the bridge.  It’s a fairly easy part so it’s a good opportunity to practice switching with no gaps.  I mostly like your fingering for that part but it might make sense to use your second finger for the last note, freeing up your first finger to get ready for the beginning.  Try to hold each note until the last possible millisecond and then switch as fast as possible.  When you switch from the first note to the second note start with your finger on the first note a little flat and then roll it up onto the second note.  It’s a good trick for playing the same fret on two adjacent strings with no gap.  I can explain that in more detail tomorrow on zoom.  Also why don’t you sing the intro along with playing it?  You can do that at the beginning and end as well as in those spots in the chorus where it shows up.  nice work!

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

SOS Arrangement Take on Me

SOS Arrangement Superheroes

SOS Arrangement Daylight

SOS Arrangement Zombie

Band of Horses Funeral Verse, Heavy Verse, Chorus, Verse, Heavy Verse, Chorus, Ending



Carlo Zombie

Sasha Zombie

Esme Zombie

George and Olivia Zombie

Sofia Zombie

Carlo Daylight Beat

Band of Horses Funeral Guitar

Band of Horses Funeral Bass

Band of Horses Funeral Keys

Band of Horses Funeral Drums

Band of Horses Funeral Vocals