Sparta FCKeroseneLounge ActTo hell with good intentions

Current Assignment:

Play along with the old songs once a day.

Oona: 5/8 Siiiiick!  Nice work Oona!  For an easy next goal can I get 4 verse and 4 chorus in a row with out stopping for your next video?  You’re doing good work over there!

Aya: 5/23 Pass!  I like your attitude enough to let you pass.  Nice work!  Until we get into a new song or start working on the video you should check out DVP by PUP.  There’s a video set for it on the “super thunder punch” band page.  I think you might enjoy singing it.  You can still send me videos on this one even though it’s not a band song.  Nice work!

4/22 That video was way better!  You get the attitude now.  You looked greatly amused by your falsetto attempt.  You’re welcome for that amazing 15 seconds.  You’ll get it.  You just need to experiment with it a bit.  He’s letting his voice crack and stay there, you’re trying to sing it really well.  watch this video and tell me what you think.  I want more grit from you.  And no falsetto no pass;) you sound great though.  Keep it up.

Lumi: 5/8 Whole song.  Nice!  Here’s what you need to pass.  I’d switch the drum pad to the high hat position and just hit the stool for the snare.  It’ll sound more like the beat.  For the verse check your kick drum pattern.  Use the front of your foot and make sure you’re getting all 3.  See my video at 0:55 for that.  Same thing with the chorus, there’s more kicks than you’re doing.  Check 2:30 for that.  If you want send me a video of the verse and the chorus just the snare and the kick and I can tell you if you nailed it or not.  Finally, make sure you keep your shoulders loose.  Watch your video and you’ll see what I mean.  Nice work!

4/27 got just the first video but the beat looks good!  It’s actually a little fast, so you can slow it down next time.  I’ll add to this note when I see the other video.  I also loved watching your dad hold the pan lid.

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Sparta FC – This is a tough one, we played one arrangement with the feel of another.  Not an easy edit.  The thing to remember is 7 Verse, chorus, 4 Verse Chorus, Bridge, 4 Verse, Chorus, 6 verse Chorus, Bridge

Coverup Arrangement Kerosene

Coverup Arrangment Lounge Act

Coverup Arrangement To Hell With Good Intentions

To Hell With Good Intentions No Vocals


Mclusky to hell with good intentions live

Inka To hell with good intentions video

Jonas To hell with good intentions video

Lumi To hell with good intentions video

Oona To hell with good intentions video

Aya To hell with good intentions video