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Current Assignment:

Everyone: Play along with the old songs once a day

Check out the new video below of me playing Midnight Memories on guitar.  It could be useful to play along with it.  It’ll feel easier than the original track.

Isaac: 5/28 Nice!  That intro seems right now, good job.  Let’s get another video of the whole song so you can pass!  No clicks during the intro in that video but some drummers tap on their leg with a stick in parts like that to help keep time. It makes no sound but it works the same.  Pass it!

Aleta: 4/23 Pass!  Whole song sounds good!  Nice work Aleta!

Caitlin: 5/19 Yo Caitlin!  See my note below.  Same issues, except now the E string is way out of tune too.  Tune the bass, then check that one wrong note in the bridge then you’re ready to knock out the whole structure!

5/16 Nice Caitlin!  The only part that has a wrong note is the bridge.  Check just the last note.  It should be the 10th fret on the G string.  You need to tune the G string on your bass.  It’s tuned to an f# right now, a note low.  That will make the intro and verse sound way more like the song.  Nice work!  Next goal is the whole structure.

Chelsea: 4/23 Pass!  Nice work Chelsea!  The choruses sound great now, well done.  Solid!

Addie:  5/28 Nice work on the power chords Addie!  They sound awful, but it’s only because of your tuning.  Once we get you tuned up on zoom they’ll be perfect.  Those are hard!  Nice job.  For your next video lets get after the whole song.  You may be ready!

Lisa: 4/20 Pass!  Solid work Lisa.  This one sounds awesome.  For a bonus song while we wait for your band to pick a new one I dare you to learn stitches from the Eleni band page.  It’s a fun song to play and I think it’s right at your level.  Good job Lisa!  First to pass!

Midnight Memories Structure: Verse 4x, Prechorus, Chorus, Verse 4x, Prechorus, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus

Hall of Fame Structure: Intro 4x, Verse 4x. Chorus 4x,  Verse 4x, Chorus 6x, Bridge 4x, Chorus 8x, Intro 2x

Video Backing Track:

The Red Velvets Video Backing Track

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

The Red Velvets Arrangement Ignite

The Red Velvets Arrangement Paper Rings

The Red Velvets Arrangement Midnight Memories

The Red Velvets Arrangement Hall of Fame


The Red Velvets Bass and Keys Only Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Bass Intro

Hall of Fame Bass Verse

Hall of Fame Bass Chorus

Hall of Fame Bass Bridge

Hall of Fame Guitar Intro

Hall of Fame Guitar Verse

Hall of Fame Guitar Chorus

Hall of Fame Guitar Bridge

Hall of Fame Keys Intro

Hall of Fame Keys Verse

Hall of Fame Keys Chorus

Hall of Fame Keys Bridge

Hall of Fame Drums Intro

Hall of Fame Drums Verse

Hall of Fame Drums Chorus

Hall of Fame Drums Bridge

Midnight Memories Mike Playing Guitar

Aleta, Addie Caitlin Midnight Memories Video

Lisa Midnight Memories Video

Isaac Midnight Memories Video

Chelsea Midnight tMemories Video

Chelsea Paper Rings Video