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Current Assignment:

Everyone: Play the old two songs once a day with the tracks below.

Check out the new video below with me playing Chains on Guitar.  It could be good to play along with this, it’ll feel easier than the real version.  Elodie you should play this when you sing it, and when you make your videos

Chains Structure: Verse 12x, Chorus 2x, Post Chorus 4x, Verse 8x, chorus 2x, Post Chorus 12x, Chorus 2x,

Jessie: 5/28 Pass!

Mila: 5/15 Yo Mila!  I still need the WHOLE song to pass you on it.  Here’s the structure: Verse 12x, Chorus 2x, Post Chorus 4x, Verse 8x, chorus 2x, Post Chorus 12x, Chorus 2x,  You always stop after the second post chorus.  That’s it though!  Everything else is awesome!  Make sure your next video is you playing along with the track below.  No need to plug in the guitar.  Do it Mila!  You got this!

Olivia: 5/29 You passed the chord progression!  Nice work Olivia!  First pass on this song!  You should try playing along with the whole song.  It’s just that over and over with two places where you stop for a measure.  Listen to the track first and see if you can figure out where the two stops are.  You got this O$!

Elodie:  5/26 Nice work Elodie!  This is sounding REALLY good after only one shot at it!  I missed the end of the song in my video, and there’s a couple lines at the end you missed.  If you tidy those lines up and make it all the way to the end by the zoom tomorrow I can help you brag about passing it. Solid work!

Lucas: 5/14 Pass!  In the nick of time Lucas!  Sounds good, nice phaser.

Will: 4/23 Pass! nice work Will!  A cruel of things: WATCH OUT THERE’S A GIANT DOG IN YOUR BASEMENT!  You should loosen the nut on your crash cymbal.  If it can’t move around it’ll crack.  Make sure you aren’t pointing your index finger down the stick when you hold it.  For a bonus song I dare you to try out Boulevard of broken dreams from the Glitter skull band page.  Yo might enjoy it.  It’s the Nate video that you would want.  Nice work!

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Jemlow Arrangement Sweet But Psycho

Jemlow Arrangement 4th of July

Jemlow Arrangement Chains

Jemlow Arrangement Memories


Memories Guitar Only for Vocal Practice

Memories Bass

Memories Guitar 1 (Mila)

Memories Guitar 2 (Lucas)

Memories Keys

Memories Drums

Chains Mike Playing Guitar

Lucas Chains Video

Mila Chains Video

Jessie Chains Video

Will Chains Video

Olivia Chains Video

Elodie 4th of July Video