DemonsCastle on the Hill100 Bad DaysPompeii

Current Assignment:

Play the old songs once a day.

Kasen:  5/23  This sounds great!  Good counting on the intro.  You need to tidy up the bridge a little.  You’re right now, but it needs practice.  Also remember on zoom we talked about doing the Esus4 to E in the verse with a pullout and not volume swell?  I think that’ll sound better.  Once you dial in those things start playing along with the original recording.  You’re ready!

Oliver: 5/26 These are looking really good!  The first verse is perfect.  The second verse is super close.  There’s one more hit on the toms in the end.  Also, I’d lead with your right hand in the snare part.  Then it lines up with the kick and makes the coordination easier.  The chorus beat also sounds great.  There’s nothing wrong, it just needs to be smoother and faster.  Loop it for 3 minutes whenever you can and just wait, it’ll sort itself out.  In the bridge you have the same two small issues as ease 2, lead with your right hand on the snare and one more hit on the toms.  That’s it!  This all sounds great.  I’d say your about ready to try playing along with the record as long as you still spend some time playing the harder parts individually.  Solid!

Justin: 5/29 Sick!  So precise!  Pass.  Nice work Justin!

Eli: 5/29 The first transition from chorus to verse was perfect!  The second one was weird but only because you forgot to do the eh eh oh eh oh after it before the bridge.  Your second verse mistake was hilarious enough to ignore.  You’re close!

Eliot: 5/29. Sounds sick Eliot!  nice work!  If you want the pass send me a version of you playing along with the recording and keeping up!  then it’s done!

100 Bad Days Structure:

intro, Verse 2x, Prechorus 2x, Chorus 2x, Intro, Verse 2x, Prechorus 2x, Chorus 2x, Bridge, Chorus with horn lead 3x

Pompeii Structure:

Intro 2x, Verse 4x, Chorus, Verse 4x, Chorus 1 extra progression, Bridge 4x, Chorus 1 extra progression, Intro 2x

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Phantom Arrangement Demons

Track 3 This is Castle on the hill

Phantom Arrangement 100 Bad Days

Phantom Pompeii


Phantom Pompeii Guitar only

Drums Verse

Drums Chorus

Drums Bridge

Keys Intro

Keys Verse

Keys Chorus

Keys Bridge

Bass Intro

Bass Verse

Bass Chorus

Bass Bridge

Guitar Intro

Guitar Verses

Guitar Chorus

Guitar Bridge

Kasen 100 Bad Days Video

Justin 100 Bad Days Video

Oliver 100 Bad Days Video

Eliot 100 Bad Days Video

Eli 100 Bad Days Video

Band of Horses Funeral Verse, Heavy Verse, Chorus, Verse, Heavy Verse, Chorus, Ending

Band of Horses Funeral Guitar

Band of Horses Funeral Bass

Band of Horses Funeral Keys

Band of Horses Funeral Drums

Band of Horses Funeral Vocals