Colton/Guthrie/Lennon/Marcelo/Harrison Band

SuckerStepping StoneSeven Nation ArmyBreed

Current Assignment:

Everyone: Play along with the old two songs once a day.

Marcelo:  5/20 This is sounding awesome Marcelo!  Before you go on to sing along with my version I’d like you to fix up the chorus.  There’s a couple of lines that trip you up.  Also, make sure you know when the chorus starts after the solo.  You don’t have to play the solo, but you need to know it perfectly or you won’t know when to come back in.  In all songs, when you miss a line, never back up and sing it again.  That’ll make everything after it late.  When you miss a note in music it’s gone forever, who cares.  On to the next one!  Nice work Marcelo!

Guthrie: 5/22 Awesome Video Guthrie.  I should put you in charge of the end of the year music video projects!  Breed is sounding really good.  The transition from the chorus to the verse was perfect.  There was a little hitch going from the verse to the chorus.  I don’t know if it was just that once or it’s all the time.  Once you tighten that up you’re ready to play along with the slow version on the web page for sure.  Nice!

Lennon: 5/27 Sick Lennon!  That’s totally right!  I think you may be ready to try to play the whole song with the slow version I put below.  Make sure you keep an ear on the music at all times.  Make it loud and then play quietly.  If you get lost stop and start again, don’t try to keep up.  It may also help to just listen to the song a couple of times and keep an eye on the structure below so you can tell where the parts change.  Go for it Lennon!

Harrison: 5/15 Dang Harrison!  The whole song!  Nice work!  Here’s some missions for you.  First, on the verse you are a little messy at that speed.  Practice it by itself for 1 minute each day at whatever speed you can play it perfectly even if it’s really slow.  In the chorus you’re forgetting the last hit on the second and 4th chords.  You did it right in the last chorus though.  Also, the chorus only ever comes FOUR times in a row then you switch back to the verse.  You’re doing 8 every time.  I think you should leave your guitar unplugged when you play along with the slow version.  I don’t think you can hear Nirvana and you’re not quite with them.  that’s it!  Keep it up!

5/5 Nice first outing on Blood//water!  You’re actually not far off.  Here’s a few things to work on.  First, I think you should play each part over and over again for one minute a little slow.  You have a lot of random wrong notes and if you do this for a few days they will disappear.  Take a break from playing the whole song until the parts feel easier.  Second, where the structure says chorus you’re playing the verse.  Check my video at 2:45 and you’ll see there’s a whole part you don’t do, the chorus.  Third, be careful not to rush the prechorus.  It’s a little slower than you think.  Also, each time it comes you should play it twice then do an extra measure on the last note.  Soldi work Harrison!


7 nation army structure: V 12x, T, C 2x, T, V 12x, T, C 4x (solo), T , V 12x, T, C 2x

Breed Structure: Intro 16x, Verse 4x, Chorus 4x, Intro 8x, Verse 4x, Chorus 4x, Intro 8x, Intro 16x (solo), Chorus 4x, Intro 8x 


Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Colton:Guthrie:Lennon:Marcelo:Harrison Arrangement Sucker

Colton:Guthrie:Lennon:Marcelo:Harrison Arrangement Stepping Stone

Colton:Guthrie:Lennon:Marcelo:Harrison Arrangement 7 nation Army

Colton:Guthrie:Lennon:Marcelo:Harrison Arrangement 7 nation Army Slow

Colton:Guthrie:Lennon:Marcelo:Harrison Arrangement Breed

Colton:Guthrie:Lennon:Marcelo:Harrison Arrangement Breed Slow


Breed Guitar and Bass Only

Breed Bass Intro and Verse

Breed Bass Chorus

Breed Keys Intro and Verse

Breed Keys Chorus

Breed Keys Solo

Breed Guitar Intro

Breed Guitar Verse

Breed Guitar Chorus

Breed Guitar Solo

Lennon Seven Nation Army

Guthrie Seven Nation Army

Harrison Seven Nation Army

Marcelo Seven Nation Army