Colton/Guthrie/Lennon/Marcelo/Harrison Band

SuckerStepping StoneSeven Nation Army

Current Assignment:

Everyone: Play along with the old two songs once a day.

Check out your video below.  It has exercises to help you practice 7 nation army and has any new parts you’ll need to play the whole song.

The three parts are Verse (V), Transition chords (T) and Chorus (C)

Here’s the structure: V 12x, T, C 2x, T, V 12x, T, C 4x (solo), T , V 12x, T, C 2x

Try to play the whole seven nation army!  Colton, take out the trash.

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Colton:Guthrie:Lennon:Marcelo:Harrison Arrangement Sucker

Colton:Guthrie:Lennon:Marcelo:Harrison Arrangement Stepping Stone

Colton:Guthrie:Lennon:Marcelo:Harrison Arrangement 7 nation Army


Lennon Seven Nation Army

Guthrie Seven Nation Army

Harrison Seven Nation Army

Marcelo Seven Nation Army