Uniform Heights

JankMilkmanHymn to a Droid

Current Assignment:

Play along with the old songs once a day.

Check out the c6 open tuning lessons below.  Write a song in C6.  Do it Doug.  Maybe we can combine them into a new song for the band.

Anna: 4/11  Nice!  All the notes and structures are right.  It needs to be smoother and more in the pocket.  I want you to practice it with a click set to 140 bpm.  Make sure you’re sticking with it especially on the fast notes in the into.  I also need to see your head bopping to the click, or to the quarter notes.  If you’re not feeling the actual pulse in your body the song will never feel right.

Maxwell: 4/17 Sounds great Maxwell!  The instant you send me something on guitar in C6 tuning I’ll pass you on droid!  HA!  Now you have to!

Jack: 5/21 Nice buzz roll!  Do you need to change sticks there?  Intro beat sounds really good actually.  That’s a tough technique.  I’d maybe close up the clutch on your high hat a bit so it controls the hi hat opening more.  His seems more subtle, quieter.  I saw you went ahead.  Sounds good, but I haven’t analyzed the drums for that part yet so I hesitate to weigh in.  Nice work!

Alex: 5/29 Sounds really good!  I like that you’re rocking it with a click.  Try to mute the octave more accurately when you play the low E string.  That’s the key to this sound.  I also like to add some vibrato to the 9th fret when you stop on it when the verse kicks in.  It sounds awesome to do that but you have to be careful to do the vibrato on both strings.  Nice!

Audrey: 5/29 There is no way to complain about what you just sent me.  Well played!  That mono synth trick is pretty sweet right?  You should spend some time improvising with that technique.  Try a different key.  If you hold the root note in the left hand it’ll sound happy, like cherub rock.  If you hold the 6th note of the scale with the left hand it’ll sound mean, like me.  If you switch between different notes in the left hand you have a chord progression that’s a cool riff at the same time,  Do it Doug!

Hymn for a droid structure:  Intro 3x, verse 2x, Prechorus, Chorus, Intro, Bridge 8x, Chorus, Intro Done-zo

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Uniform Heights Arrangement Jank

Uniform Heights Arrangement Milkman

Uniform Heights Arrangement Hymn for a Droid

Uniform Heights Arrangement Cherub Rock


Cherub Rock Guitar Intro

Cherub Rock Verse

Cherub Rock Bass Intro

Cherub Rock Keys Intro

Cherub Rock Keys Verse

Cherub Rock Drums Intro

C6 tuning Guitar

C6 tuning Keys