Glitter Skull

Story of my LifeBad GuyBoulevard of Broken Dreams

Current Assignment:

Everyone: Play along with the old two songs once a day.

Sasha: 5/11 Pass!  Nice work Sasha!  Eyes closed!  Get ready for me to tell everyone on zoom tomorrow, I promised!  Guess what?  You actually sound better with your eyes closed.  Remember we talked about using your Sasha voice and not trying to do too much?  That was it.  Nice work Sasha!

Angus: Pass!  Nice work Angus!  Keep practicing it along with the recording that you used in your last video.  Don’t use an amp though, I want to make sure you can really hear the recording.  Pay special attention to starting with them and playing the same speed as them in the chorus.  Nice work!

Asher: 5/12 Pass!  That’s what I was looking for!  Nice work Asher!  For now keep playing the old songs once a day.  Soon we’ll have a new song to work on.  Soldi!

4/21 YO Asher!  Sounded good until you stopped!  Don’t try to make perfect videos, I just want to see where you’re at so I can help you  Next video I’d like you to play along with either the original version or my guitar only version, whichever is easier for you.

Claire: 5/13 Pass!  Nice work Claire!  That sounded awesome!  I can tell you’ve been practicing.  That part at the end (3:45 in the video you sent me) we voted to skip in a zoom session so just stop there.  Smart to play the verse though!  For the rest of the week just practice all three old songs so they don’t get rusty.  We’ll have a new one soon!

Nate: 5/18 Pass!  Nice work Nate!  You had two mistakes, which I want you to practice away.  You go to the hi hat beat in the solo for a measure, and you forgot that after the solo comes a break and then the CHORUS not the verse.  You recovered well though.  Those mistakes are balanced out by the fact you nailed the fill and you can adjust the camera without losing the beat.  Soldi work Nate!  Keep playing this one until you fix those two tiny mistakes.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams Structure:

Intro, Verse 7x, Chorus, Verse 9x Chorus, Verse 2x, Solo, Verse 2x, Chorus, Ending (we don’t know it yet)

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Glitter Skull Arrangment story of my life

Glitter Skull Arrangment Bad Guy

Glitter Skull Arrangement Boulevard of Broken Dreams

shotgun Tuned


Boulevard of Broken dreams for Sasha to sing with and everybody else to play with if they want.

Sasha Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Angus Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Asher Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Claire Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Nate Boulevard of Broken Dreams