Markus/Nadav/Ian/Dean/Matthew/Donato Band

CenturiesPork and Beans??????

Current Assignment:

Everyone: Play along with the old songs one a day.

Matthew: 5/18 Nice!  Now you’re on the bus!  Keep these videos coming!  Nice work learning those tricky 3 note chords.  The last three are right but there is at least one wrong note in the first one.  Check my video at 0:49 for the notes in that chord.  After you fix that the hard work is done!  All you have to do is put things together.  Make it your next goal to fix that one chord and then get me a video of the WHOLE prechorus.  Nice work Matthew!

Donato: 5/22 “oh my god this video is six minutes long” is my favorite part of your video.  Hilarious.  This is sounding good!  Your intro notes are wrong but you nail every note after the intro.  If you have a guitar handy your starting note is the 4th fret on the B string, or an Eb on piano.  If you could play either before the song starts it’ll sort you out.  When the prechorus ends if you say to yourself 1,2,3,4,1 then sing the intro line to the chorus it’ll work out perfectly.  For the bridge you nailed coming in, and you nailed the gap before the end part.  The only thing that’s messing you up now is waiting too long between the two ALIBI parts at the end.  Don’t wait a chord progression in between them and you’re good!  Your’e close on this!

Dean: 5/29 Yo Dean!  Rock bet 101 is killing it now!  Nice work!  The band voted to do pork and beans for the video shoot so you should focus only on that for now.  Remember, that ENTIRE song is rock beat 101 either on the hi hat or the ride.  The only time you leave rock beat 101 is to do the little hits on the tom before the chorus.  Make your next video of you playing with that song in headphones and make sure you’re sticking with rock beat 101.  Nice work!

Markus: 4/18 Yo sounds awesome for the first video!  I don’t have tons to say besides are you ever not eating a klondike bar?  Watch my video again and pay close attention to how to count the bridge.  The notes are perfect but you’re not changing them at the right time.  Once you sort that out you should be only playing along with the original recording.  I want your next video to be along with that recording too.  Solid work Markus!

Ian: 4/29 YO Ian!  Way better this time!  You’re doing good work over there!  Here’s the next things to work on.  You play the prechorus three times at the beginning of your video.  The first two were too fast but the third one was perfect!  When you play this part play it TWO times then play one extra measure on the A string note.  That’s the prechorus.   The verse is the perfect notes!  You are not holding them long enough.  That part is SLOW!  Check out my video at 2:26 to see how slow.  The chorus looks good.  You need to take a little break before you change frets each time.  IF you say the work rest out loud in between it’ll be perfect.  Check out my video at 4:02 to see that.  The bridge looks awesome, just slow down a little!  Send me a video with those things fixed and then we’ll talk about playing it with the song.  Nice!

Nadav: On Centuries when you do the new fancy riff play the notes on the E string first, then the fancy part.  You’re doing the opposite.  Also, that part happens two more times in the song.  Do it both times!  On Pork make sure you leave silence for the sample that Matthew plays, don’t just hold the note through that part.  Your choruses are about twice as fast as they should be.  Watch the video you make for me.  In the first chorus, if you want to pick that fast you can, you just have to double the length of each chord  Try it!  Your bridge should all be on the E string.

Blood//Water Structure: Prechorus, Verse 4x, Prechorus, chorus 4x, Verse 4x, Prechorus, Chorus 4x, Bridge 12x, Chorus 4x Done.

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Markus:Nadav:Ian:Dean:Matthew:Donato Arrangemnt Centuries

Markus:Nadav:Ian:Dean:Matthew:Donato Arrangment Pork and Beans

Markus:Nadav:Ian:Dean:Matthew:Donato Arrangment Blood::Water


Markus and Nadav Blood//Water

Ian Blood//Water

Dean Blood//Water

Matthew Blood//Water

Donato Blood//Water

Markus and Nadav Centuries Riff Video

Ian Light Touch Video

Matthew Centuries 3 note Chords Video

Donato Pork and Beans Bridge Transition Video

Dean Beat one Transition Video