Make You MineCreepAmerican Money

Current Assignment:

Everyone: Play along with the old songs once a day

American Money Structure:: Verse 10x, Prechorus 2x, Chorus 4x, Verse 8x, Prechorus 2x, Chorus 4x, Bridge A 2x, Bridge B 2x, Solo (prechorus) 2x,  Chorus 4x

Samantha: 4/17 Pass!  Nice work.  You had the pulse that time.  Doesn’t that make the chorus feel more important when you come in on beat two?  The timing of notes to each other matters zero.  It’s all about how they relate to the overall pulse.  That’s what an audience feels.  You should learn Take Me Out from the Vitoria band page.  I think you would enjoy that baseline.    Solid!

Alex: 5/28 This is sounding really good Alex!  Your time is far more steady than the last video.  Your cameraman however is way less steady.  Fire him immediately.  I missed the end, the video ended, but feel free to send me a video of the end.  Nice work!

Charlotte: 5/20 Pass!

Ruby: 5/27 Pass!  SIIIIIICK!  Transitions are perfect now.  Well done.

Sofia: 5/20 Pass!  nice work Sofia!  You’re playing very well this quarantine.  Also your sister looks like a lot of fun.  Tell her I said Hi back!  Now just keep practicing all three old songs until the others pass.  Get ready to make fun of those who haven’t passed on zoom later.  Solid!

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Threadbare Arrangement Make You Mine

Threadbare Arrangement Creep

Threadbare Arrangement American Money


Samantha American Money Video

Sofia American Money Video

Alex American Money Video

Charlotte American Money Video

Ruby American Money Video