The Crashing


Current Assignment:

Play along with each of the old songs once a day.  Estelle I can hear you shouting you don’t have a drum kit from here.  Knee drum.  I can hear you shouting knee drumming doesn’t work.  This is fun.  I could do it all day.  Good talk.

Check out the videos below to learn riptide.  It’s the whole song, don’t stress if you can’t do it all at once.  Play what you know of it along with the track I posted.

Sophie: 5/9 Yo Sophie!  This sounds great!  You seem worried about a few mistakes but what I’m thinking about is how your rhythm is perfect, all the notes are right and almost all of the lyrics are there!  Make sure you stay excited about what you get right, not worried about what you get wrong or you won’t have fun singing!  Remember next time you practice, I’m pumped about how good all that stuff sounds.  Here’s the few things to fix to pass. Listen to the real recording and see how he times the words “Magician’s assistant”.  Your way is fine, but his is weird in a really cool way and I want you to get it.  Check over the second verse, you missed a few words.  You need to count how many of those little guitar parts there are before the bridge.  Once you know that you’ll never miss it again.  Michelle Pfeifer is pronounced kind of like “Fifer”.  You can get that from the original recording too.  You’re going to pass if you can fix these little things!  Go Sophie!

Eloise:  5/1 Pass!  Nice work Eloise!  You’re a champ.  I can tell you’re listening to the music because you always know to adjust when you’re a little off.  Your only mistake was forgetting to play the 3rd fret on the A string twice on the second last chord progression and that’s why you ended slightly early.  Nice work!  Until we pick a new one just play all three songs once a day.

Structure: Verse 8x, Chorus 4x, Verse 6x, Chorus 4x, Fancy Guitar, Bridge 2x, Verse Hits 2x, Verse 4x, Chorus 9x

Estelle: 4/24 Got your video!  You couldn’t get Sophie to be quiet.  I can’t either, don’t feel bad.  The verse beat seems like it’s going well.  Don’t forget to hit your legs with your hands and keep the camera back far enough so I can see what your feet are doing.  The chorus beat I really couldn’t tell, but once you fix the hitting and the camera I can weigh in.  Keep them coming!

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

The Crashing Arrangement Freaks

The Crashing Arrangement Teeth

The Crashing Arrangement Riptide


Kate and Winnie Riptide Video

Estelle Riptide Video

Eloise Riptide Video

Sophie Riptide Video