The Burning Cities

Come a little CloserBlood and Peanut ButterIgnorance

Current Assignment:

Everyone: Play along with the old songs once a day.

Henry: 5/11 Pass!  Nice work Henry.  Keep playing that and the old ones once a day until we pick a newie.  Solid work!

Clara: 4/21 Not bad, but I’m hoping for a not sick version with no excuses;) Video, I want to see the lyric sheet so I can yell at you for it.  For fun, watch this woman sing and then watch this guy act fairly ridiculous while he delivers some solid vocal knowledge.

David: 5/19 That sounds great David!  You really have been practicing.  I would like one more video where the transitions are a little tighter, The hits after the chorus are a little better, and the beat you play in your video at 2:45 looks a little more confident.  That’s it!  you’re doing good over there.

Alex: 5/26 Pass!  Nice work Alex!  This one sounds great.  I’d spend your time polishing up come a little closer for the rest of the week.

Will: 5/5 Pass!  Nice mutes!  For now just play the 3 old songs once a day and help me make fun of the others on zoom until they pass.  Nice


Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

The Burning Cities Arrangement come a little closer

The Burning Cities Arrangement Blood and Peanut butter

The Burning Cities Arrangement Ignorance


David Ignorance Ending Beat

Will Ignorance 2:37 on

Alex Ignorance 2:37 on

Henry Ignorance 2:37 on