Comments on Videos you send me:

Nothing yet.  If you send me a video of what you’re working on I’ll give you some pointers in this section within 24 hours.  Send all the videos you want!  Make sure I can see both of your hands in the video.

Current Assignment:

9/10 Here’s your practice mission this week: 1 min chord review.  Just play each chord you know one time to keep them fresh.  5 min loop the riptide chord progression.  Keep your pick hand ready and use one finger to guide yourself to each chord.  If you do this every day (it’s only 6 minutes!) you’ll have it faster for next lesson.  Good job Sloane!

8/31 Keep playing Em to G, remember to switch quickly.  Here’s Riptide, both slow and fast.  Try playing along with the slow one this week.  Remember how you clapped along with the beat, that’s how fast to pick.  Good luck! It’ll be hard at first, don’t get frustrated, it’ll come!

Riptide slow


8/25 You’re sounding great Sloane!  This week don’t do the game on the chords, just review all 7 to make sure you remember them.  Practice the G to Em and the C to Fmaj7 chords progressions for 1 minute each.  For the rest of your practice work on the Riptide chord progression, Am Am G G C C C C.  Repeat it as slow as you need to for as long as you can stand it.  If you get it a little faster by next week we can play along with the song!

8/17 review week!  You now have 7 chords and 4 chord progressions to practice.  You should do the game on two chords, then practice the chord progression for those two chords.  Take a break and then do the next two.  Here they are: G and C9, C and Am, Em and G, C and Fmaj7.  There’s also the D chord but it doesn’t have a progression yet, just do the game.  If you forget any of these they’re all in the videos below.  Good luck!

8/3 The old chords are sounding great!  Check the video below for the two new ones.  Do the game on all 7 every day.  Your two new exercise chords progressions are C to Fmaj7 and Em to G.  Keep working on Riptide.  I know it’s tough but it’ll get there.  Once that’s done you can play along with the song and that’s where the fun is!

7/27 You’re sounding good Sloane!  Every day do “the game” on all 5 chords.  Then practice the G to C9 and C to Am progressions for a minute each.  The new chord progression is Am for two, G for two and C for four.  Practice looping that one and go for no pauses.  It’ll be hard at first but you’ll get it!

7/20 Memorize all 5 chords, the three old ones and the two new ones.  Practice switching between G and C9, and also between C and Am.  Make a list of 5 songs that you might want to learn.  Slow ones are probably best for now.  Have fun!

7/13 Practice the 3 new chords for 5-10 minutes EVERY day.  Don’t worry if they don’t sound good yet, it takes a while.  Good luck!


Fourth Lesson, 2 new chords, 2 new chord progressions, riptide

Second Lesson, 2 new chords, 2 easy chord progressions

First Lesson, 3 Chords