Maddie/Grace/Alyssa/Melinda Band

BrokenTake me to ChurchWaves
Maddie PassPassNo

Current Assignment:

Everyone: Play along with the old songs once a day.

Maddie: 5/13 Maddie you sound great!  Don’t tell people you sound bad before they hear you, let your voice speak for itself!  The verse, prechorus and 2nd prechrus were all perfect.  In the chorus you got started on the wrong note.  It’s higher than you think, but no higher than other parts of the song so don’t be worried.  If you have a keyboard, the notes are A and G#.  If you ukulele is in tune you could play the second string from the floor, frets 5 and 4 to give yourself the note.  If you can’t make either of those instruments play those notes text me and we’ll figure it out.  For your next video I want the same parts of the song, but with the right chorus notes.  Nice!

Alyssa: 5/25 Yeah Alyssa!  This sounds really good!  The only big issue I heard was the first chorus was wrong.  The second chorus though was great!  Make the first chorus sound like the second one and send me a video of you playing along with the original recording that’s posted below.  Then you’re done!

Grace: 5/27 Ok that’a all the parts!  You need to do that twice to play the whole song.  Check out the structure below.  Send me one more video this week of you okaying that whole structure with the actual song that I posted below.  If you can do that we’ll be good for the video.  Nice work!

Melinda: 5/21 That is indeed sort of the prechorus.  You mentioned you didn’t know what I wanted.  I want that structure right below.  Whole thing, done.  Take a look at my video again.  You’re on the wrong string for that prechorus 2 that was in today’s video.  You also need to learn the chorus and then you’re on the road to getting that structure done.  Do it Doug!

Structure: V 3x, PC1, PC2 4x, C, V 2x, PC2 4x, C

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Maddie:Grace:Alyssa:Melinda Arrangement Broken

Maddie:Grace:Alyssa:Melinda Arrangement Take me to Church There’s a weird sounding edit in the bridge but it fits the structure that we play.  Maddie you can ignore the first two lines of that part.

Maddie:Grace:Alyssa:Melinda Arrangement Waves


Waves Just Guitar for Maddie (and everyone)

Grace Waves Through Bridge

Melinda Waves Through Bridge

Alyssa Waves Through Bridge

Maddie Waves Through Bridge