Vitoria/Sofia/Gia/Maya Band

SenoritaMy songs know what you did in the darkTake me out

Current Assignment:

Your new band name is Imperfect Strangers.  Niiiiiice.

Come Back Home Structure: I=Intro, H=Hook, V=Verse, PC=Prechorus, C=Chorus, C2=Alt Chrorus

I 6x, H 4x, V, 4x, PC 2x, C, H 4x, V 4x, PC 2x, C, H 4x, C2, C

Gia: 5/28 That’s sounding great!  You hit that one wrong note in the beginning but then never again.  Solid.  Let’s make your next video the rest of the parts, and let’s make it super soon.  The tough parts for you are done.

Maya:  5/27 The intro sounds great!  I like that you’re alternating fingers in the right hand.  I think you’re super close to playing it fast enough to do the whole thing with the record.  Try it!  Keep practicing at that speed with the metronome.  It’s SUPER good for your playing.  There are two things the metronome practice is showing me.  First, you really want to rush.  It’s a slow tempo on purpose.  Try very hard to stay with it.  It’s great practice to hold back your speed and still be accurate.  Second, you are very careful to make the notes on the beat be with the metronome, but you need to pay more attention to getting the 8th and 16ths to be exact IN BETWEEN the beats.  8th notes should exactly split the beat even though there’s no click there.  Keep working with the click and try to send me a pass video for the whole song.  Nice work!

Sofia: 5/20 Admirable job with fingers!  That bridge does NOT repeat again so you’re right.  You did not skip the first verse so don’t sweat it.  I think (with a pick) you’re ready to start playing along with the original recording. Slow it down on YouTube to 75 percent and make it flow.  I’d like your next video to be of that.  Nice work Sofia!

Vitoria: 5/21 Way better!  Check moving from the verse to the prechorus, “play this game” to “I know this isn’t it”. You need to get right to the “I”. “Acommodate” to “but if you wait too long” same thing. Same coming into the second chorus “so now you’re on your own”.  That’s it!  Tidy up those things and then we’re on to playing it with my version.  Nice work.

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

senorita tuned

Vitoria:Sofia:Gia:Maya Arrangement Light em Up

Vitoria:Sofia:Gia:Maya Arrangement Take Me Out

Vitoria:Sofia:Gia:Maya Arrangement Come Back Home


Come Back Home Guitar and Bass Only

Guitar Come Back Home Intro

Guitar Come Back Home Hook

Guitar Come Back Home Verse

Guitar Come Back Home Prechorus

Guitar Come Back Home Chorus

Guitar Come Back Home Chorus 2

Bass Come Back Home Intro

Bass Come Back Home Hook

Bass Come Back Home Verse

Bass Come Back Home Prechorus

Bass Come Back Home Chorus

Bass Come Back Home Chorus 2

Vitoria Take me out Chorus

Vitoria Take me out intro

Maya Take Me Out Video

Gia Take Me Out Video

Sofia Take Me Out Video

senorita video tuned