Oliver/Noah/Angelo/Benji/Bridget Band

Falling DownCirclesPina ColadaI Want it That Way

Current Assignment:

Everybody: Play along with the old songs once a day

Noah: 5/27 You DID get it!  Nice work Noah.  Pass!

Angelo: 5/2 Verse beat sound sick Angelo!  Great feel.  The cymbal only beat needs to have the crash on beats 2 and 4, not 1.  The last beat to learn is the chorus and you already know it, just go to the ride instead of the hat and play a real snare instead of the side stick.  Your next goal should be to put the song in headphones and play along with the whole thing, switching in the right places.  Save the bonus Hi Hats for after that’s sorted out.  Nice!

Benji: 5/18 Pass!  Solid work Benji!  that song has a lot going on it.  Keep practicing it once a day, there’s some spots where you’re just barely getting things in time and I want those to feel smooth.  Also play one of the old ones every day, just rotate.   Well done!

Bridget: 5/25  Yo this sounds great Bridget!  Same thing as with the other song, your voice sounds much fuller and more confident even than last week.  I think you’re doing something different and it’s working!  Make sure you take the time to figure out what it is!  This last version sounds great until you get to the bridge.  You do the second half of the bridge a little early and stay that way for the rest of the song.  Take a listen to your own video and see if you can hear that.  You may want to listen a couple of times to my version without singing and see if you can identify when the parts change.  I think if you’re more aware of then the chords change you’ll be able to fix those timing mistakes.  The rest sounds great!  Keep up the solid work!

4/25 nice Bridget!  That’s the toughest step, playing with my version, and it sounds great!  Here’s some things to work on.  Check the ending of the second chorus.  It’s actually one note for both “that” and “way”.  This is tricky because that’s a chord that’s out of the normal key of the song so you may not be able to trust your instincts.  That note is a D# on your piano if you want to check it.  The bridge notes need a little work too.  The first note you should be singing is a b note, and it’s actually the main note for that section.  He starts on it and returns to it a lot.  For the quiet part after the bridge slow down al little bit.  When you get to 2:17 I want you to sing all 4 “you are”.  They’re all different notes, it’ll sound awesome.  then the guitar and bass play their line and right AFTER that you sing “Don’t wanna hear you”.  The last chorus is a toughie for sure.  They modulate, which means change the whole song to be higher, so you have to change keys with them.  The starting note is g#.  Nice work Bridget!  This is a hard song with a lot of parts and you’re doing great!

I want it that way structure:  Intro 2x, Verse 2x, Chorus, Verse 1x, Chorus 2, Bridge, Chorus 3, Mod Chorus 3x, Ending

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Bridget:Benji:Noah:Angelo:Oliver Arrangement Falling down

Bridget:Benji:Noah:Angelo:Oliver Arrangement Circles

Bridget:Benji:Noah:Angelo:Oliver Arrangement Pina Colada

Bridget:Benji:Noah:Angelo:Oliver Arrangement I want it that way

Band of Horses Funeral Verse, Heavy Verse, Chorus, Verse, Heavy Verse, Chorus, Ending



Benji and Oliver I want it that way

Noah I want it that way

Angelo I want it that way

Bridget I want it that way

Band of Horses Funeral Guitar

Band of Horses Funeral Bass

Band of Horses Funeral Drums

Band of Horses Funeral Vocals