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Current Assignment:

Everyone: Play along with Can’t stop the feeling once a day

Here’s the structure of High Hopes:

Intro 6x (chorus for everyone but Luka),  Verse 4x, Prechorus 2x, Chorus 4x, Verse 4x, Prechorus 4x, Chorus 4x

Can’t stop the feeling structure:

Verse 5x, Prechorus, Chorus 3x, Verse 4x, Prechorus, Chorus 4x

Dynamite Structure: Verse 6x, Chorus 8x, Verse 6x, Chorus 8x, Bridge, Chorus 10x

Luka: 5/29 You’re sounding really good Luka!  Your wrists look good now, you should try to get your stick height way down.  Only lift them a few inches off of the drums, the height of a can of soda.  The first half of the chorus is very close.  Are you saying I Like Hot Dogs in your mind while you play it?  If you are, you’re taking a big break before you say hot dogs.  Play along with my video at 0:30 to see how it fits together.  The second half of the chorus is really good but you need to fix two things.  It’s way too loud!  Try and play it a quarter of that volume next time.  Also, there’s should be a kick WITH every snare.  This is a little different from rock beat 101 where the snare comes by itself.  Watch my video at 1:30 and pay attention to the kick drum foot.  Nice work!

Landon: 5/29 Nice Landon!  That sounds great!  Once you settled in all of those notes are right.  All you have left to do on that is smooth it out.  At 1:50 in the chorus video I made for you I play it for a while slowly.  You should play along with that, rewind it, and do it again until you can’t stand it anymore.  That will smooth everything out and get you ready to play it fast.  That’s a tough part Landon!  Great job!

Jackson: 5/29 Yo Jackson this sounds awesome!  Great energy, no surprise.  I’m going to pass you on the chorus and the structure.  Your chorus sounds awesome and you clearly know where everything goes.  You need to tidy up the lyrics in the 2nd verse and the bridge and then you’ll pass!

AK: 5/22 This sounds good!  Still slow though.  How fast can you go on it before it falls apart?  Check my video for the verse at 2:27.  It shows exactly how fast it should be.  I bet you can do it that fast.

Noah: 5/22 Nice work Noah!  You’ve got those notes dialed in!  IF you want to pass the verse I need to hear it a little smoother.  Watch the video you just sent me and ask yourself if there are any pauses between the notes.  When those go away it’s a pass!  Check the video I made for you at 1:08.  I loop that part both slow and fast.  Try to play along with that and then make it sound that smooth on your own.  Nice work!

Nicky: 5/29 Nice one Nicky!  I’m gonna pass you on the bridge!  You should now play along with the whole song and see if you can get the structure right.  Verse 6x, Chorus 8x, Verse 6x, Chorus 8x, Bridge, Chorus 10x When you can play that along with the recording you pass the whole song!  Solid work on this one Nicky.


Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Landon:Luka:AK:Jackson:Noah:Nicky Arrangement Can’t Stop the Feeling

Landon:Luka:AK:Jackson:Noah:Nicky Arrangement High Hopes

Landon:Luka:AK:Jackson:Noah:Nicky Arrangement Dynamite


Guitar only for Vocals

Bass Verse

Bass Chorus

Bass Bridge


Guitar Chorus

Guitar Bridge

Keys Verse

Keys Chorus

Keys Bridge

Drums Verse

Drums Chorus

Drums Bridge

AK High hopes new prechrous video

Luka High Hopes New Beat Video

Jackson High Hopes Prechrous Video

Luka High Hopes Video

AK high hopes Video

Noah high hopes Video

Landon High Hopes Video

Nicky High Hopes Video

Jackson High hopes Video