Eleni/Maddie/Jude/Tai/Hannah/Anna Band

Video Project!

Stitches Video Guide Track

Actual Music Video Instructions:

In this video there is no reason to use headphones when you play the guide track, just play it on something nice and loud.  We will not be using any audio from this video.  Feel free to talk while you’re making it.  If you’re playing you should attempt to play the actual song so it looks a little like it’s lining up with the music but it’s not super important.  If you’re singing you should actually sing so your lips line up with the music.  If you can do the claps in the beginning without messing up your video please do them!  KEEP THAT CAMERA SIDEWAYS!

Our concept will be having a camera in the house look outside and see us doing something ridiculous.  You should send at least 4 clips.  The camera should start in the house for about 10 seconds, then move to a window and look out.  You should be doing something hilarious or ridiculous for about 25 seconds.  Then it ends.  Try to use a different room/window for each one.  IF you’re going to dance at all have the song playing on a phone or something you can hear so it’s in time.  Eleni, I would like one of your clips to be just of you singing the whole song with the video guide track.  Start with the camera pointing outside at you through the window, start the video guide track, do the claps, then have the camera turn inside and then look out at you again.  Sing the whole song. In the other clips just do whatever you want.  If you have any questions hit me up!  Have fun!

Careful Music Video Instructions: 

The first video we’ll be making is the “careful” video.  For this one the goal is to carefully play the song so we have a good audio track for the final video.  I’ll also be using the video from this round to make our “studio” video.  To make this video grab some headphones and play along with the video guide track that’s above.  In the intro you’ll hear my count, then a clap, another clap and then one more count.  After you hear the first count you should clap along with both claps and after the second count start playing the song.  The claps are important, if you don’t quite get it right start again.  These claps will sync up your video and audio with the rest of the band so if they’re early or late you’ll be out of time in the video.  You should play the song as well as you can, maybe do a few takes.  DON’T STRESS about perfection though!  I can fix a few mistakes in post production so if you crush the whole song but miss a note at the end you’re done.  Below are the guidelines for each instrument that will help you get good audio and video so please make sure you read yours before you start.  Have fun!

Guidelines for Everyone: 

Hold your camera sideways (landscape/horizontal format). No vertical video!

Use headphones to listen to the guide track.

Record in a quiet room.  Every sound in your video will end up in the final videos.

Rooms with less echo are better to record in, you’ll sound better.  Rooms with furniture, carpet and curtains work well.

Keep your camera steady.  If possible, put it on something instead of holding it.

If possible have a solid color for a background, like a painted wall.

You should have plenty of light on you but make sure it’s NOT coming from behind you.

No need to look at the camera, pretend it’s not there.

Phones almost always have better cameras than laptops so if possible use your phone.

Don’t trim the video’s beginning or end.  I’ll handle that.

Vocal Video Guidelines:

Keep the camera close.  Aim for a head and upper body shot from the side like THIS.

Sing loud, don’t hold back!

Drums Video Guidelines:

A real challenge for recording drums is getting the cymbals to not drown out the other drums.

Play the cymbals lightly and other drums loud.  Kick and Snare are most important!

If you have time try a few different camera positions and see which one has the quietest cymbals.  Holding the camera close to the floor can help.  Try somewhere around the kick drum looking up at the drummer’s face like THIS.

Guitar and Bass Video Guidelines:

Tune right before you make the video!  I can help tune on zoom if you don’t have a tuner, just email or text me to set up a time.

Use your amp and turn it up! As long as you can hear the music in the headphones you’re not too loud.

Aim for a video that has your head and most of your instrument like THIS.

If you don’t have an amp it’s VERY important that the room is quiet.  I’ll be boosting the signal a lot so any background noise will get boosted too. Play loud but don’t beat on it.  Holding the camera like THIS will help.

Keys Video Guidelines:

If you’re playing a piano try holding the camera like THIS.  Play normally.

If you are playing a keyboard THIS is a good angle.  Keep the volume high.



Final SongJaxGoneStitches

Current Assignment:

Everyone:  Play along with the old songs one a day.

Check our your videos below for stitches.  They have all the parts so once you’ve gone over them take a whack at playing the whole song.

Hannah: 4/30 Awesome!  That screenshot video made it pretty tough to hear and see things but it looks like you can do all the parts without hitting wrong strings!  That’s a huge step.  T=Playing along with the song was super good too.  Here are some things to fix.  Be careful not to rush the prechorus.  Listen closely to the band and relax.  Don’t forget the chorus has two different parts that alternate.  The second one switches the last two chords, right?  In the bridge you got a little off but here’s a great trick.  Every time he says “Needle” you should be on the first note.  Use that to check if you’re with them or not.  I think you may be ready to try the two finger parts along with the song!  It may not go well the first time but give it a few days to come together.  Please make your next video a regular video if possible and make it the whole song with the two note chords.  You’re almost there!

Tai: 5/14 Pass!  Nice work Tai!  There were a couple spots of weirdness but I actually think it’s ok to blame the sticks for any of that.  You clearly know the song so well done!  While you wait for the rest of the band try learning the wolf by Mumford and sons.  Here’s the link.  If you need the structure check the “The Covalent” band page on this site.

Eleni: 5/21 Nice work Eleni!  Those are hard guitar parts!  I think you’re doing great!  Here’s a couple of goals.  First, I think you’re plucking the strings too hard.  I like the position you hold your hand in, what I want you to change is that all the picking should come from your fingers.  You move your arm and wrist away from the guitar when you pick.  Keep those parts of your body perfectly steady and only move your fingers.  the chords sound great, no issues there.  Let’s add the G string notes to the prechorus.  You’re definitely ready right now for that.  I think the chorus is ok with just the E string for now.  Check my video, every other time you play the chord progression two chords should switch places. You’ll see right away.  In your next video I’d like to see the verse with lighter picking, the prechorus with the G string note, and the chorus with one string but getting the chords right.  Maybe if you’re brave you’ll do the verse with singing?  Expect that to not go well for the first few times you try it.  I know some tricks to help you if you need it.  You’re doing good work over there!

Maddie:  5/20 Pass!  Nice work Maddie!  You should spend a minute and think about how good you were playing when quarantine started and how good you’re playing now.  You’re so much better!  your practicing is paying off big styley!  I want one more video of this song this week so I can hear it when you play all the notes in the bridge right. but other than that just play the old songs once a day while we wait for everyone else to pass.  If you want a bonus song to learn let me know on zoom today.  I got mad tunes yo.  solid work Maddie!

Anna: 5/25 These parts are all sounding really good!  Here’s the structure: Intro, Verse, chorus, , verse 2 progressions, Verse w/ hits, Chorus, Intro 2, Bridge, Double Chorus. You didn’t mention the part I made bold so I just wanted to let you know that that’s just the first half of the verse with a little stop.  Also, watch my video for the intro 2.  You’re playing it too many times.   I’d still like to see a video of you just saying the parts, not playing them, along with the original recording so I can see if you can her where they fall.  I used science to figure out how fast you’re going in your last video.  If you set the YouTube video for the real song on 75% speed it’s pretty much how fast your’e going when you play it by yourself.  For now when you lay with the song do it at that speed, and make the music really loud!  You want to be able to hear it over the piano so you can make sure you’re switching chords when they do.  Nice work!

Jude: 5/20 Stitches sounds good Jude!  Be careful not to get going too fast on the chorus.  I’d say don’t use an amp when you play along with the recording.  I think if you have more of an ear on the recording then on your bass you’ll solve all your problems.  Nice work!

5/18 Birthday Structure: Verse, Verse, break, Party Party 8x, Chorus, Verse, Break, Chorus, Verse,

Stitches Structure: Verse 5x, Prechorus 2x, Chorus 2x, Verse 4x, Prechorus 2x, Chorus 2x, Bridge 5x, Chorus 2x, Outro

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Jude:Tai:Hannah:Anna:Eleni:Maddie Arrangement Final song

Jude:Tai:Hannah:Anna:Eleni:Maddie Arrangement All Day and All Night

Jude:Tai:Hannah:Anna:Eleni:Maddie Arrangement Gone



Birthday Bass

Eleni Stitches with Helper notes

Jude Gone Video

Maddie Hannah Stitches Video

Jude Stitches Video

Tai Stitches Video

Anna Stiches Video

Eleni Stitches Video