Addie/Esme/Annabelle/Lila/Charlotte Band

Good as hellCounting StarsEverybody Talks

Current Assignment:

Play along with the old songs once a day.

Addie: 5/29 You’re wrong, It’s NOT terrible!  Here’s what to fix.  You wait two chords before you start (chords, not chord progressions) and you should pretty much start right away, right after the first chord.  You do that twice, the beginning and when the second verse starts.  If you fix that the rest should feel a lot better.  I also want you to do the high part in the chorus.  You can do it!

Esme: 4/11 You got the knee drumming!  Now we can roll!  Your next goal is to watch the video lesson I made for you and learn Everybody Talks.  How about you start with the verse beat and get me a video of you knee drumming that this weekend?

Lila: 5/29 You’re back in business!  Nice!  HEDGEHOGS!  Keep these videos coming.  Let’s get that part of riptide that’s on different strings down next.  Check my video at 1:39 for that part and watch which strings I’m on.

Charlotte: 5/18 Pass!  Nice work Charlotte!  You are super on top of playing with the song.  You were worried about mistakes, but I only heard a couple, and you got right back on the beat.  That’s something that makes a goo musician!  Keep playing the old songs, we’ll pick a new one Friday.  nice work Charlotte!

5/4 Got your email!  The notes for counting stars are F, G#, D#, C#.  Some parts are chords and some are just notes but they are all based on those notes.  I think if you play them for a minute it’ll all come back to you.

4/30 Wow Charlotte!  You have been practicing!  That sounds amazing.  To pass it I want to hear you play it along with the Lila:Addie:Charlotte:Annabelle:Esme Arrangement Everybody Talks recording.  It should be easy based on how that last video sounded!  You’re inches away Charlotte!  Nice work!

Everybody talks structure:

Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Solo, half verse just Annabelle, chorus.  Done.

Weak Structure:

Verse 4x, Chorus 4x, 1 Measure Rest,  Verse 4x, Chorus 4x,  Ending 1x

Current songs edited to match our key and arrangement:

Lila:Addie:Charlotte:Annabelle:Esme Arrangement Good as Hell

Lila:Addie:Charlotte:Annabelle:Esme Arrangement Counting Stars

Lila:Addie:Charlotte:Annabelle:Esme Arrangement Everybody Talks

Lila:Addie:Charlotte:Annabelle:Esme Weak


Weak Guitar only for Vocal Practice

Weak Bass Verse

Weak Bass Chorus

Weak Bass Ending

Weak Keys Verse

Weak Keys Chorus

Weak Keys Ending

Charlotte Everybody Talks Video

Lila:Addie:Charlotte:Annabelle:Esme Everybody Talks Guitar only

Lila Everybody Talks Video

Esme Everybody Talks Video

Annabelle Everybody Talks Video