Recording Schedule 2018

Here are the openings for recording in June.  I’ll remove them as they get scheduled.

Please email me to schedule spots, you can’t click on the table below.




DateTime 1Time 2Time 3
Tuesday 6/511:30am-2:30pm Open3:00pm-6pm Vivian6pm-9 The Flaming Skulls
Wednesday 6/63:00pm-6pm The Blasters6pm-9pm 20/20
Thursday 6/711:30am-2:30pm Open3:00pm-6pm Red Velvet6pm-9pm Uniform Heights
Friday 6/811:30am-2:30pm Open3:00pm-6pm Kyle, Arriv, Arjun, Matthew, Coby, Austin6pm-9pm The Unafraid
Saturday 6/99am-12pm Panic
Monday 6/1111:30am-2:30pm Open3:00pm-6pm The Third Party
Tuesday 6/123:00pm-6pm The Burning Cities6pm-9pm The Anythings Better
Wednesday 6/1311:30am-2:30pm Open3:00pm-6pm The Time6pm-9pm Seal Team 6
Thursday 6/143:00pm-6pm Complicated6pm-9pm Open
Friday 6/1511:30am-2:30pm The Crashing3:00pm-6pm Open6pm-9pm Open
Saturday 6/169am-12pm Captain Carnivore
Monday 6/1811:30am-2:30pm Open3:00pm-6pm Boyscout
Tuesday 6/193:00pm-6pm Open6pm-9pm open
Wednesday 6/2011:30am-2:30pm Open6pm-9pm Musicult
Thursday 6/213:00pm-6pm The Third Party6pm-9pm GraviT
Friday 6/2211:30am-2:30pm The Void3:00pm-6pm The Walking Lows6pm-9pm open
Saturday 6/239am-12pm Open
Wednesday 6/273:00pm-6pm Open6pm-9pm open